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Cure Eye Floaters
Eye floaters are extremely common, especially among older adults. They can occur in everyone, and indeed some people are born with them. Eye floaters are generally caused by damage, or imperfections in the vitreous humor, the jelly-like liquid found in the eyeball. They can also be caused by the solidification of proteins in this solution, or by the leakage of blood cells into the vitreous. Most eye floaters are simply an annoyance; however, in some cases they can be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition, such as a retinal tear. It is therefore essential that you visit a doctor as soon as you develop eye floaters. It is also recommended that you seek medical advice whenever your eye floaters suddenly change in number or density. Below you'll find a brief description of how you can cure eye floaters.

Medically, the only eye floaters cure is surgery. Surgery involves either burning up the individual eye floater particles with a special laser known as a YAG laser, or vitrectomy. In a vitrectomy procedure, the vitreous humor is drained off and replaced with a saline solution. Both procedures are effective to a limited degree; however, both suffer from high rates of complications. These include retinal damage, cataracts, inflammation and infection. Due to this, many doctors will suggest that you try ignoring eye floaters, as the brain is supposed to adapt to them and you'll start finding less annoying. However, it often happens that left untreated, eye floaters actually get worse with time. They increase in number and increase in opacity.

The solution lies in an eye floaters cure that is holistic, natural, permanent and free of side effects. Many people have had success curing their eye floaters using such a holistic treatment. It involves dietary and lifestyle changes, combined with herbal and vitamin supplementation. For example, you should increase your consumption of water and reduce your consumption of saturated fat. There are also a number of foods and beverages that can aggravate eye floaters, and should be avoided until your eye floaters are cured.

You need to ensure you get enough of the eye-specific anti-oxidants. These protect the eye against damage by substances in the air, and can heal the vitreous humor. In addition, vitamin C has been shown to enhance the repair of cartilage, one of the main proteins found in the vitreous humor. Furthermore, you need to implement some lifestyle changes, as these may be what is preventing your eye floaters from getting better. For example, did you know that the position you sleep in has a tremendous effect on your eye floaters status?

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